My name is

Zachary Perry

Game Dev | Concept Artist | Project Manager

Who I am

Creativity defines my world! You'll likely find me doodling around in my sketchbook, designing environments, crafting stories, writing poetry, and sometimes even dabbling with music too.


Combining my passions for art and technology, I earned my B.S. in Game Design and Production with a minor in Fine Arts at Drexel University. As for my career, I'm most passionate about developing enriching and engaging interactive experiences, serious games, and multimedia projects!

What I do

From the development side, much of my work consists of organizing, balancing, and conceptualizing designs from the start to finish of a project's production cycle. I work with other artists, programmers, and writers to convert ideas into tangible and dynamic visuals. 

Game Design

Level Design


Concept Artwork

Dialogue & Narrative

2D Illustration

Project Management

Game UI & UX

Quality Assurance

© 2018 by Zachary Perry

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