Game Projects  


A Sci-fi City-Builder about the Systemic Failures of Refugee Aid

My Role: Creative Director, Art Lead, game writer


In Resilience, you assume the role of refugee camp manager on a distant moon and are tasked with the livelihood of an alien race fleeing planetary disaster. Confront the day-to-day struggles of camp life and the structural problems of an underfunded aid system.

Resilience was developed by our senior project team,  Sungrazer Studio. Our goal was to raise awareness, foster empathy, and advocate for action surrounding refugee groups as well as the volunteers and aid workers on the front lines.

Resilience also won Best Student Game at the 2020 Games for Change Awards.



A 3D Co-op Action Adventure through Time

My Role: Concept artist, graphic designer, sound designer


Epochalypse is an incubator project that was produced within Drexel University's Entrepreneurial Game Studio. Our group, Play Pod Games, was an entirely student-run production team focused on fun and fast-paced gameplay. In the game, players take control of an assortment of epochal characters from dinosaurs to dodo birds to take on waves of robot fiends from the future!



A Celestial Odyssey: Three Paths, Three Fates, One Wish

My Role: Assistant Producer, level designer, 2D artist


Scintilla tells the story of fallen stars on their quest to a wish-granting Monolith. Players must overcome a variety of obstacles and puzzles by switching between characters; each with their own unique perspective, movement, and abilities. 

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