Game | Scintilla


Scintilla is a 3D puzzle and platforming game that follows 3 celestial characters on their journey to save a dying world. Utilize their unique visual perspectives and physical abilities to overcome perilous challenges! Scintilla was developed by our student team for the Game Workshop I & II project at Drexel University.

Built in Unity for Windows.

Download and Learn More at Starspun Games.

Project Role:

  • Assistant Producer

  • Level Designer

  • Concept Artist

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Managed weekly art team deliverables and project milestones

  • Created, blocked, & iterated level designs with Maya, Unity, and ProBuilder

  • Setdressed level environments with teammates' models

  • Developed game lore and kiosk content including Scintilla hieroglyphics

  • Concepted 2D character, architecture, and prop designs

Other Tasks

  • Collaborated with programming team on game mechanics

  • Conducted and documented player QA sessions

  • Guided music and audio direction

  • Assisted with character dialogue